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Website Design & Development

We work with you to design a website with your customer in mind. Modern web design is isn’t just creating a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing site. It’s import to consider the experience of the user, easy navigation and use, SEO (search engine optimization), and under the hood technical implementation details are just several of the many components that comprise the design of a website that outperforms the competition and delivers a solid return on investment day after day.

Our web design & development staff has delivered constant growth and effectiveness for the businesses we serve. We pride ourselves in being experts in a broad range of technologies such as: WordPress, Magneto, Opencart, just to name a few. Our eCommerce solutions focus on sustainability, security, ease-of-use, underpinned by a responsive design. We deliver solutions that result in profits for your business and even custom development solutions.

Whether you’re in need of sprucing up your existing website, a simple one-page WordPress website to get your business online quickly or a more extravagant full-fledged eCommerce website, our team of experts will utilize their over 70 years of combined experience, expertise and unique skillsets to bring your vision to life.

Website Design

Our industry leading design process consists of creating a logical layout for your website, placement of graphics, placement of text, and bringing it all together to ensure customers are driven to your website and keep coming back.

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Website Development

We will develop your website using industry standard best practices using the latest, most popular technologies to ensure smooth operation and optimal speed which is sure to drive customers.

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Website Updates

Whether you require minor changes to your website or a complete overhaul, we’ll help you achieve all your online goals and help you take your website to the next level.

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Website Testing

Situations arise when a thorough review of your website is required to ensure proper operation. We test all links, pages, forms, and external interfaces to ensure your site is running at its best.

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Website Support

Routine and on-demand quick fixes and updates to your website by one of our specialists will ensure a positive user experience, as they engage with your business and brand.

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Website Maintenance & Security

Website Maintenance is vital to perform so that your website operates at its very best day in and day out. Simply stated, website maintenance consists of checking your website to ensure it is performing at its best. It’s about encouraging maximum traffic growth, applying updates to components, and making sure it is in-sync with Google’s rules. In fact, website maintenance services are vital for engaging and retaining your customers. 

To ensure your website is in a pristine and optimal operating state, you need to perform regular tune-ups. Not once a year, not twice a year, but every few weeks at a minimum. It is essential that routine monitoring be performed to help you keep your business running smoothly and to ensure your biggest asset, customers, are experiencing the best of what your website has to offer.

Along with maintenance, website security is also vital to ensuring your website’s optimal operation. Also know as Cybersecurity, web security entails protecting a website by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats. 

As is the case with website maintenance, security activities should be performed on an on-going basis, ideally every several weeks at a minimum.

Website Maintenance Check

Regular monitoring and tuning of your site is crucial to its health and normal operation. To that end, we’ll perform a variety of tests to assess the current operating state of your website and will produce a detailed list of recommended maintenance to-do’s so it operates at its best.

Website Security Audit

Almost every day there’s a story in the news about the latest hacked website. Most think it will never happen to them — until it does. Prevention is key – it is important to put measures into place to avoid a scenario where your site is targeted. To that end, we will perform an in-depth security review of your site and provide a detailed summary of recommended actions to fully secure your website.

Website Maintenance Service

To ensure your website is in tip-top shape regular checks, updates and fine tuning needs to be performed. Not once a year, not twice a year, but at minimum every month. Maintenance includes performing regular backups of your website, updating its components, scanning it for (and removing) any viruses, malware, spyware, along with a whole host of other detailed maintenance activities.

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Website Security Service

Security is often overlooked and critical to your online presence and personal/professional success. Our team of experts will put all of the necessary measures in place for the security of your website and will perform on-going monitoring and pro-active threat resolution.

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Website Secure Certificate Implementation

Our web security experts will register and implement a secure certificate for your domain name. Once implemented your site will use HTTPS instead of HTTP, and a padlock will be visible next to your site URL. By implementing the secure certificate, there’s a major decrease in the risk of sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, emails, etc.) being stolen or tampered with by hackers and identity thieves. Search engines reward secure sites and typically rank them higher in search results and and increase their visibility and exposure.


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Other Packages

Digital Marketing / Re-Platform / IT Services

Digital Marketing Package

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Per Click (PPC) teams will help your website gain top visibility in google, yahoo and bing. We use a wide range of industry tools such as SEMRUSH and MOZ to consistently monitor and enhance your position and ranking all the while analyzing and making improvements based on google analytics and search console information.

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Systems Software Installation / Maintenance / Support

Let us help you with all your computer and server software upkeep, troubleshooting, installation, upgrades and maintenance activities. We’ll ensure a smooth process for getting your office software running without interruption so you can get back to ultimate productivity.

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Website Re-platform or Migration

Whether your current website platform no longer suits your business needs or you’re simply ready to take your website to the next level, we’ll work to achieve your business goals and achieve swift re-platforming and/or migration of your site to a different technology/host.

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Let us help you with all your computer and server hardware upkeep, troubleshooting, installation, upgrades and maintenance activities. We’ll ensure a smooth process for getting your office hardware running without interruption so you can get back to ultimate productivity.

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COmplete Website Packages


We work with you hand-in-hand to come up with requirements to meet your business objectives.


The design and development of your website will result in an elegant solution and ROI.


We secure your technology investment to ensure optimal operation and return on investment.


Our support is second to none, instant access to complex support and solutions.

Website Redesign

Deluxe Full Service Website Package

Isn’t it time to redesign and refresh the look of your website? Allow us the privilege of transforming your website into a modern masterpiece – we’ll ensure users rave about its new look and the speed with which it delivers value to your clients.

  • Modernize the look, feel and usability
  • Utilize an industry standard platform
  • Optimize speed and perfmance
  • Put security in place
  • Perform a maintenance tune-up
  • Ensure it displays on all devices

Website Development

WordPress Development

With 37% of all the websites on the internet using WordPress, we’ll work with you to design and develop a user-friendly, highly efficient and secure site, that will deliver a wealth of information and features supporting your business and achieving your business goals.

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Highly Flexible and Customizable
  • Very Popular Content Management System
  • Built-In Blogging Platform
  • Robust and Undateable
  • Easy to Implement Responsive Design
  • Variety of Constantly Updated Add-Ons

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